A Disco Elysium television Show is being worked on

A Disco Elysium television Show is being worked on

ZA/UM and DJ2 Entertainment have united together to develop a series based on the hit RPG.

It seems set to reach a much wider audience since a Variety report claims that programmer ZA/UM has joined with manufacturing firm DJ2 Entertainment to produce a television show based on the match.

“We are so amazed at the answer Disco Elysium has obtained and very pleased to be teaming with DJ2 to enlarge the franchise for some other media and new viewers,” author Helen Hindpere explained.

Disco Elysium may be a fantastic candidate for this, although the interactivity of all videogames can be complicated to interpret into media such as tv. Many RPGs are extremely combat-centric, however as Andy mentioned in his critique, Disco Elysium” has a great deal in common with visual books and point-and-click experiences, together with a compact, branching dialogue along with the capacity to intimidate, charm, or bullshit your way out of tricky situations through several books’ worth of brightly strange, lively dialogue.”

“The DJ2 staff is really thrilled about this extraordinary opportunity to become a part of everything.”

It is still early days, and there is no guarantee which will be really made by Disco Elysium. The Variety report states there no author or community but DJ2 and writers are meeting and hopes to pitch the job this season. The production company also has deals in place to generate television displays based on videogames such as Vampyr, Life is Ruiner Strange, and Small Nightmares.